Coronavirus Special

March/April 2020
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Coronavirus Special


The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. In these past few months, the spread of the virus has disrupted communities across the globe — our ASL eagle community included. The school closed March 13, and courses will continue through distance learning for the foreseeable future.

In these uncertain times, connection is of great value. It is important to hear each other’s stories and reflect on our situation. This hybrid special edition incorporates both online and print aspects to provide insight into the ways, not just the world, but our school specifically, has been forced to adapt to this new reality.

There are three components to The Standard’s Coronavirus Special.

Below is a timeline of all coverage by The Standard leading up to the closure of school. Scroll through and click on different articles to see what developed.

Along with the timeline, The Standard editors created a 16-page mini-magazine, which would’ve been distributed in print copies if campus was open. For now, please access the magazine as a linked PDF here, on Issuu.

Compiling all print articles, as well as an array of online exclusive content, there is a package displayed below the timeline. Click here to view all of the new Coronavirus content.

Timeline of events leading up to school closure

As journalists, we have a responsibility to go where the story is. Now out of school, the virus has affected not just the global community, but our ASL community specifically. Below is a collection of all the articles that give an insight into the lives of people in lockdown, opinions about the situation as a whole, and statistics about how the lockdown has affected the ASL community.